Oct 06, 2022

Announcement of Logo and Corporate Identity Change of FANKEN Company

Through the new identity, we want to convey the dream, culture, ideology, business philosophy and core core values ​​of the organization.

Dear partners, customers, and all employees of FANKEN Co., Ltd.,

We would like to express our gratitude for your trust and support during our journey so far. It has been the foundation for our strong and steady development since our establishment in 2013 until now (2013-2021). As we enter our 10th year, FANKEN Company is committed to building a strategy to meet the needs and desires of our customers to drive the development of the company. We have recognized that changing our company logo is necessary to reflect this new development philosophy and strategy. At the same time, the new logo will be an effective branding tool to help customers easily identify us.

Therefore, starting from October 3rd, 2021, we announce the following changes to our company logo:



  1. Original logo

  2. Positive version

  3. Negative version